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Monday Brief: Monday 8th September 2014

Read all about it!

Hey guys and gals Jake here with this weeks brief for you to have a read, this is real good literature you know!

Right first of all what an epic article regarding the spire huh?!
Thats gonna be an exciting one to look forward to and hopefully we can get some you folks involved and have some fun! Full details however illusive looking are

In other news we have a little more activity on the forums but Me and Jamie will be discussing something new for you peeps to join in with, full details to be announced once we sort it all out!

Also in other news I myself shall be in attendance at EGX 2014 this year so if you’re there on Friday or Saturday look out for me!




- No Updates


- No Updates


- Jamie is continuing the mystery?

- Zeon Breaker Update #5


- Xitol Weekly Update

A little quieter this week as we are gearing ourselves up for the coming months with our Spire announcement later on in this portion of the year!


Xitol is an Independent Games Studio focusing on both Mobile and Household gaming with the current focus being on PC and Mobile. Xitol not only works on creating our own games but is open to develop game expansions for other games, the group that originally calls themselves Xitol was originally a team of 5 since August 8th 2008 (strange we know).

Xitol is now building a team of developers to help build upon our projects and get us into the Indie Developer spotlight.

Although we are not a major studio; but we have great ideas and want to share them with others. We also push onto mobile platforms notably Windows Phone and Apple iOS, not just with games but innovative and creative applications. Xitol is also looking at 2D games through the Two-16 label and is currently finishing off Zeon Breaker for Tablets, PC and Mobile.

Xitol itself has worked on Zone which is currently on hold and used as a demonstration of some of our abilities as creative ideas, and is working on a yet to be announced 3D project.