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Xitol Day 2015

We Return!

After a long absence on the internet we return to announce a few things today on our 7th Xitol day, we really are 7 years old! Although as a game studio we are only a few years old. Xitol Day is our founding day the 8th August 2008, a group of us set up Xitol Gaming, creating modified maps for PC games and having a small community on Xbox and PC. In 2009 we formed XTL to take over this purpose and to have a group of us gaming together on PC and Xbox Live, and set Xitol Gaming onto designing a Game.

2010 is when we changed our name and logo to the current Xitol Softworks and more publically started designing the Zone Universe, with 2011 being when we started to build a team composing of some of the current members making Zone: Commando.

Having learned from our mistakes of making projects we have started anew based upon a universe we first worked with, Zone, our now smaller team has taken the decision that we can take concepts and our ideas and maps from our original prototype and turn them into a small Arena Shooter Zone: Arena.


Why the return to Zone?

We returned to Zone as we think this is our best chance of making a decent first main game with the help of UE4 and improved design tools and experience we have already been at work creating a prototype inside Unreal Engine and have the framework already working for Online Multiplayer and most of our core mechanics and controls at a point we are happy with. UE4 has also helped speed up development with playtests already taking place to test combat and movement around maps.

We’ll be having larger playtests as the year goes on as content takes shape.

Zone also already has an art style and concept art we can draw off of, but now with new things such as PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and better lighting our aim is to make everything look as amazing as we can and add in more detail than we could have done so before.

We are aiming to have both online match made play and custom games to cater to different people’s preferences and a variety of game modes too.


Other Returns

We also took time to decide that we would re-work Zeon Breaker for iOS and Android rather than launch it last summer, this obviously was a blow for us and our Two-16 project. However these changes are almost done with the additions of Achievements, a new score system and a few other performance tweaks and additions. The game will also be coming out for free and re-launch on Windows Phone after the Windows 10 for Mobile update comes out.

There is a second Two-16 project also in the planning stages so stay tuned for that.


What to Expect

For the rest of the year and next year we’ll be having a bi-weekly open post on Zone: Arena development and progress as well as the re-launch of Zeon Breaker V2.0 and our other Two-16 Announcement in January.

For now we hope you’ll stay tuned with us and our projects.




Xitol is an Independent Games Studio focusing on both Mobile and Household gaming with the current focus being on PC and Mobile. Xitol not only works on creating our own games but is open to develop game expansions for other games, the group that originally calls themselves Xitol was originally a team of 5 since August 8th 2008 (strange we know).

Xitol is now building a team of developers to help build upon our projects and get us into the Indie Developer spotlight.

Although we are not a major studio; but we have great ideas and want to share them with others. We also push onto mobile platforms notably Windows Phone and Apple iOS, not just with games but innovative and creative applications. Xitol is also looking at 2D games through the Two-16 label and is currently finishing off Zeon Breaker for Tablets, PC and Mobile.

Xitol itself has worked on Zone which is currently on hold and used as a demonstration of some of our abilities as creative ideas, and is working on a yet to be announced 3D project.